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Dinos and Natural History Wonders Will Delight Visitors

Dinos and Natural History Wonders Will Delight Visitors

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The cleverly designed displays at the Natural History Museum will delight children and adults alike

The extensive display of fossils at the Natural History Museum will interest visitors of all ages.

Salt Lake City may be known best for hosting the Olympics or the great skiing but, there is so much more in the city to do, like the Natural History Museum of Utah. Certainly any natural history buff or family traveling with children should make the museum one of their first stops, during their Salt Lake City visit. Shawn Stinson of Visit Salt Lake points out that the museum, “tells the worlds history using Utah artifacts.”

Though the museum is compact, the clever layout makes excellent use of space, cramming a whole lot of learning into a small area. The best way to see the museum is to take the elevator to the top floor and then walk down a sloping path that meanders its way through all of the exhibits. Each floor is filled with displays on topics including American Indian life and history, biology, geology, plate- tech-tonics, and everyone’s favorite: the dinosaurs.

The well designed, interactive exhibits that require climbing, building, and more, will wow grown-ups and children alike. Be sure to take a few minutes to watch paleontologists chiseling out new fossil finds from rocks, right in front of you. The museum also has a rotating special exhibit, currently all about the natural and cultural history of chocolate, which runs until June1st.

Best Family-Friendly Museums in Seattle

Seattle is a city where people, by nature, seem to be thinkers. Some of the city's residents boast high-profile names (for example, folks like Bill and Melinda Gates), thanks to their innovations, ideas and initiatives that have revolutionized segments of our modern world (in realms ranging from technology and medicine to global health). Thankfully, visitors to this town benefit from this curios nature, too, since the city is home to an array of museums and galleries that educate and entertain.

Whether young visitors are most interested in art, planes, cars, Native American history or perhaps marine life (we're looking at you, Seattle Aquarium), there are institutions that open their doors to guests of all ages. Many museums have designed special kid zones within their spaces, and other sites offer child-friendly programming that ranges from group story readings and youngster-focused guided tours to hands-on activities that allow everyone to get in on the action. (Looking at art can be fun, sure, but it isn't it more memorable to make art oneself?)

Families and school groups should keep their eye out for package deals or special rates, since some museums offer discounted prices for museum goers who travel in packs. Enjoy the journey!

Cultural Heritage of the Thar Desert and the Tourist Places in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer found its roots in the 12th century when it was established by the Yadav king, Maharawal Jaisal Singh. The city was thus named ‘Jaisalmer’ after the erstwhile ruler who first created and maintained this desert city in the midst of the Thar Desert.

Even today, it is fondly known as the Golden City of India owing to the extensive use of yellow sandstone in the construction of many of its houses, forts and buildings. The golden or yellow shade also refers to the never-ending desert in which the city is situated and flourishes. In spite of being in the midst of a dry arid region, the city has managed to attract hordes of tourists every year. A Jaisalmer tour package offers all the delights and attractions that define the rich culture and history of this Rajput state. When one looks to experience a cultural, historical and memorable journey along with a dash of folk music and dance, then looking for Jaisalmer holiday packages, is never far from their mind.

A city that looks golden, feels golden and lives golden! Jaisalmer is the shimmering golden hue in the palette of colours that is Rajasthan. Located in the heart of Thar Desert, this remarkable city is the prime example of how culture and royalty have seeped into the vast corners of this state. A Jaisalmer tour package gives you all the nuances of a rich princely region along with the arid landscape of the golden, never-ending desert. Prominent features of this sun-kissed land are the magnificently adorned havelis, monumental Jaisalmer fort, the rich culture, ancient traditions and the desert camels that define the very soul of our Jaisalmer holiday packages. Bathed in yellow sandstone from the forts to houses, from buildings to palaces, one gets to experience the golden yellow hues of this land in any of our Jaisalmer tour package. Rajasthani folk music and dance play a pivotal role in the shaping of this desert region and are essential highlights of any Jaisalmer tour package.

The Golden Rajasthan Culture

To understand the culture of Rajasthan, many scholars have spent their lifetime studying the unique attributes of this remarkable land. The priceless treasures of this land have been not only notable part of Rajasthan’s history but also a crucial aspect of the Indian heritage. Most of being so majestic that it rose up to be the imagery of India to the world outside! Architectural wonders, exquisite handicrafts, colourful culture and tempting cuisine are few of the many highlights of this magnificent state. Set amidst a vast desert, the magical land of Rajasthan is synonymous with royal romance and chivalry. Jaisalmer of which being the golden crown jewel of the majestic state. Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, the city is an epitome of Rajput culture! Rajasthan festivals, funfairs, traditional events and religious occasions are all celebrated with great fervour and passion in this land. The city is synonymous with brilliant folk dances popularized as Rajasthani dance and Rajasthani instruments that are expertly played by many of the locals here. Our Jaisalmer holiday packages trace these factors and strive to make them a part of your Jaisalmer experience. The Kathputhli, a traditional puppet show, the Ghoomar dance, camel festival, desert tent stays etc. are all an integral part of the Rajasthani cultural experience which can go a long way in defining your quintessential Jaisalmer tour package. The numerous havelis, villages, forts, palaces, people and even the cuisines of this city sing of the ancient relics and tales of the bygone era. With our Jaisalmer honeymoon package, it is now easy to experience the range of different hues of the Rajput Marwad culture and enter the world of royal romance.

It is rightly said that ‘one can read, one can listen, one can talk about a place but when one actually experiences the place, that is when he truly understands it and lives it’. The experience of being and staying in the desert city is one that can be never forgotten. Every wall, lane and molecule of sand seems to reverberate the victorious takes of their beloved Kings and Queens. To be amidst a culture of such hospitable, courteous people who go about their day with a constant smile and a deep love for their traditions and art is truly an experience one should have once their lifetime. Here are few cultural and remarkable insights of the Golden land that you should know before you go!

Interesting Cultural insights of the Thar Dessert:

  • Rightly named as ‘The Great Indian Desert’, Thar Desert forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan. Rich in culture and full of colour, it is a grand open-air museum that portrays art in vibrant shades.
  • The locals of Thar imbibe a great passion for music and poetry which is probably passed down in the genes of their ancestors. Till the night falls, the artistic passionate locals get together in their Rajasthani dress, as they play folk music and enjoy a Rajasthani dance.
  • Rajasthani folk music is often about the fables of the victorious Kings and the glories of their reign and memories of their Queens. With their unique cultural dance and music, they not only bring Rajasthan culture to life but display their pride in celebrating their heritage.
  • The unique Rajasthan desert festival which is held once a year during winters is one of the most interesting festivals in India. The ‘ship of the desert’ play a very important role in the desert life and thereby its presence is honoured in the Desert Festival, Rajasthan folk and rich culture can be seen in this festival.
  • The stereotypical portrayal of India that the western world took, seems to be actually picked up from the Desert Festival. With snake charmers, folk performers, puppeteers, handmade art and handicrafts being the major attraction of the festival, it paints a perfect aura of Rajasthan
  • The traditional attire of this kingdom, the Rajasthani dress itself displays a lot of cultural significance. Bright colours, intricate designs, mirror works and beautiful artworks, all make a part of the single dress. The attire has established such unique identity that it’s easy to distinguish between the many!
  • The Thar Desert stores the evolutionary records of millions of years ago, literally! The Desert National Park of Jaisalmer treasures a valuable collection of fossils of the flora and fauna dating back to 180 million years old! Some fossils of Dinosaurs dating back to 6 million years have also been excavated from this area.

The Golden city of India is an amalgamation of places to visit in Jaisalmer with unique travel experiences! Be amazed and astounded by the many architectural wonders and delights that the city has to offer. Travel back in time and in the era of the reign of the crown. Feel their tradition and culture like your own! Right from the massive fort that guards the city with its 99 bastions to the golden sand dunes that highlight and elevate the beauty of this city, all the monuments and attractions are worth visiting and storing in your mind’s eye forever. Following are the popular picks from the many Jaisalmer tourist places and experiences that you should not miss!

Popular places to visit in Jaisalmer and its unique activities:

  • Jaisalmer Fort or Sonar Qila (Golden Fort) as it is locally called. The massive Jaisalmer fort is a popular landmark of the city with a huge complex, gigantic ramparts and settlements, shops being established inside the premises of the fort.
  • Visit the beautiful Jain Mandir followed by the magnificent Patwon ki Haveli – a five-story elegantly carved unique piece of architectural marvel. One of a kind museum which features intricate carvings, unique furniture and stunning artworks.
  • Witness one of the most notable architectural specimens of Rajasthan and an important one among the Jaisalmer tourist places, Nathmalji ki Haveli. This extraordinary piece of art and a fine example of artistic symmetry will redefine aesthetics for you!
  • Take an in-depth insight into the history and culture of this city, with a visit to the Jaisalmer Museum. Walk back to the time and witness what’s left back as its traces to be an immortal part of the history.
  • Experience the sun, sand and dunes at the Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer. Get a real taste of Golden city of India, as you enjoy a joyful camel ride, a traditional puppet show, a beautiful folk dance and witness a breath-taking sunset over the dunes that etch an everlasting memory in our hearts and mind.
  • These spectacular experiences are followed by a delicious Rajasthani meal and a unique chance to be one with the desert by staying in tents amidst the sand dunes of Jaisalmer.
  • The amazing journey of the exploration of Jaisalmer tourist places is completed with a visit to the Jaisalmer War Museum that pays tribute to the bravery and courage of the Indian army brave hearts. Truly an eye-opening and enriching experience!

The Land of the Kings welcomes every visitor to walk through their legacy. Time simply turns back with Rajasthan and takes you directly to the heart of the royal era. The world of lavish, chivalrous Kings and gorgeous yet fearless queens, reverberates their immortal tales in all of the forts and palaces of Rajasthan. The land full of romance, royalty, spirituality and nature, is a vast and wonder-laced kingdom with treasures more sublime than those of fables. Explore luxurious palaces, witness vintage cars, enjoy camel safaris in golden sand dunes, a fun shopping time in bazar and embark on a tiger safari in the wild forests of the state. All of it will add a whole new charm to your Jaisalmer honeymoon package, in the lands of history that narrate the immortal royal love for ages! The Land of the Kings paints a bold image indeed! The sun-kissed forts, the vibrating handcrafts, the heart-warming people and the land of medieval beauty has always been the perfect choice for every kind of traveller. It’s a perfect escape from the fast-paced life of the cities, straight into the simplicity of the village culture and rich tradition. This simplicity nevertheless is bound with its unique kind of lavish royalty attached to the reputation of this land’s history. The enriching cultural heritage of the Thar Desert and the unique tourist places of Jaisalmer are the perfect royal solace for every kind of traveller! Plan your own trip to this kingdom as you travel back n time and walk on the trail of the victorious Kings and Queens and feel exactly what they felt in those eras!

Ages 12 & up

Journey down the Nile and back in time in our Hall of Ancient Egypt. This one might be a bit dark for the younger kids, but young fans of history and culture will love learning about one of the ancient world’s most advanced civilizations. Our collection is one of the largest in the South and even features three complete human mummies.

The natural world can be a dangerous place, don’t go it alone! Embark on a detour of the curious and macabre in Death By Natural Causes. Examine poisonous predators, killer dresses and more in this visual and fascinating peak beyond the veil.

What ever your little ones’ interests may be, there’s an exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science that’s sure to engage, delight and inspire the future scientists in your family. Be sure to check out our family memberships for free admission to the permanent exhibit halls all year long and discounts to special exhibits, science summer camps, educational workshops and much more.

Children’s favourite objects feature in new trail at Oxford University museums

With over 8.5 million objects and specimens in Oxford University museums, and 6,000 different types of plant in the Oxford Botanic Garden, there is certainly a lot to choose from when selecting your favourite.

From the dinosaurs in the Museum of Natural History to Albert Einstein’s blackboard in the History of Science Museum, the University collections offer a treasure trove of wonders to delight visitors of all ages.

Last summer, children visiting the four museums and the Botanic Garden were asked to nominate their favourite object from across the collections.

This summer, those favourite objects have been turned into a trail across the seven sites that make up Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums.

The Wonder Trail comprises 14 ‘wonders’ chosen by children. The 14 objects were selected from over 1,600 nominations received from visitors, whose average age was 8.

The trail has been designed to appeal to new and regular visitors alike. The items are therefore a mix of firm favourites, such as the black bear at the Museum of Natural History, and more hidden treasures, such as a lantern made out of a puffer fish at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

The black bear was one of the top-scoring objects, receiving 56 nominations – particularly from younger visitors. As one five-year-old remarked: ‘I’ve never stroked a bear before.’

For older children, the scary or cool proved more of a draw. The carnivorous plants were a hit at the Oxford Botanic Garden, while the Egyptian mummies at the Ashmolean Museum were met with appreciative delight by 33 visitors. ‘Gross and awesome!’ was the verdict of one satisfied nine-year-old.

Size was also a deciding factor when choosing a favourite. The Haida totem pole in the Pitt Rivers, which stands at over 11 metres tall, attracted 47 nominations. And the giant waterlilies drew top billing at the Botanic Garden and fired imaginations. ‘They’re like a natural lilo,’ said one ten-year-old.

The Wonder Trail is a free family activity running across Oxford University Gardens, Libraries and Museums this summer. Visitors can pick up a free trail pass in any of the 7 sites and use it to find 14 objects. Stickers are awarded when an object has been found and a question answered. A prize can then be claimed for every 3 stickers collected.

Prizes include a range of mini minerals (pyrite, amethyst, calcite with iron, and Iceland Spar) and a collecting bag so that children can start their very own collection of wonders.

7 Wilpena Pound, Southern Australia

The Flinders Ranges make up the largest mountain range in Southern Australia, covering a huge 430km stretch of topography and creating some of the most attractive panoramas in the country.

Within the ranges sits Wilpena Pound, a behemoth natural amphitheater that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It spans almost 100 kilometers and can be marveled at from inside or above thanks to the offer of scenic flights from local tour operators.

5. Zoo Idaho, Pocatello, Idaho

One of just two zoos anywhere in the country to specialize in animals native to the America’s Intermountain West, Zoo Idaho is home to numerous living symbols of the iconic “American West,” including grizzly bears, pronghorn, eagles, cougar, and bison. Zoo Idaho offers a unique change for people to learn more about the region’s native wildlife through family programs, classes, storytelling, and of course, its many animal habitats spread out across the approximately twenty-five acres of land. The zoo hosts several fun special events throughout the year as well, such as Zoo Boo and Ice Cream Zoofari.

2900 S 2nd Ave, Pocatello, ID 83204, Phone: 208-234-6264

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6. Bradbury Science Museum

Located in Los Alamos, NM, the Bradbury Science Museum is the public branch of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is most famous for its part in the Manhattan Project, the experiments which revolutionized science and warfare for the modern world. Visitors to the Bradbury Science Museum can explore a variety of fascinating exhibits to learn about the history of the Manhattan Project, the research and testing that went into it, the science behind it, and more. Guests can learn about computing, weapons science, health studies, and a world of fascinating scientific discovery, all through a series of interesting and interactive displays and exhibits.

1350 Central Ave, Los Alamos, NM 87544, Phone: 505-667-4444

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Idaho Museum of Natural History

The Idaho Museum of Natural History is home to collections in Anthropology, Earth Sciences, and Life Sciences. The Museum also maintains an archive which documents its history as well as the history of the collections. Researchers pursue scholarly study of the collections and publish their findings in peer-reviewed and museum-sponsored publications. Exhibitions emphasize the collections and mission of the Museum, and include permanent and special offerings. Educational classes for children, families, and adults provide more in-depth exploration of the natural history of Idaho.

The Idaho Museum of Natural History actively nurtures an understanding of and delight in Idaho’s natural and cultural heritage. As the official state museum of natural history, it acquires, preserves, studies, interprets and displays natural and cultural objects for Idaho residents, visitors and the world’s community of students and scholars. The Museum also supports and encourages Idaho’s other museums through mentoring and training in sound museological practices. Currently the Museum holds and cares for over 500,000 natural and cultural objects in its collections areas.


In the Shadows
The Idaho Museum of Natural History (IMNH) on Idaho State University (ISU) campus to open a new exhibition featuring a 12-foot 3D printed wolf spider.
In the Shadows takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the hidden pockets of the world around us opens January 18, 2020.
Visitors will discover how the smallest, unseen creatures can have a profound influence on our lives. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D technologies, we bring to life captivating stories about the unseen areas and the creatures that hide in them.
Explore how creatures of the night such as owls, bats, and mountain lions live their lives. See small insects and organisms come to life on a massive scale with the wonders of 3D printing. Visitors will gain an appreciation for the outsized role the tiniest of creatures can play in our lives and never look at the dark the same way again!

Discover the Naturalist Within
Discover the Naturalist Within, Journey with Edson Fichter is a new collaborative public exhibition by the Idaho Museum of Natural History (IMNH). The exhibit's narrative framework focuses on creating a new generation of nature enthusiasts from Dr. Edson Fichter's past work as an Idaho naturalist. Fichter was a well-known Pocatello artist and biologist and an extremely talented wildlife illustrator, photographer, and writer. He still lives in the hearts of many as admirers of his art and for his numerous contributions to science. The IMNH has over 40 pieces in a collection of Fichter’s drawings, pictures, poetry, and research documents generated from his studies in the Pahsimoroi Valley, Idaho.

Participation in Museum Day is open to any tax-exempt or governmental museum or cultural venue on a voluntary basis. Smithsonian magazine encourages museum visitation, but is not responsible for and does not endorse the content of the participating museums and cultural venues, and does not subsidize museums that participate.

Museums About History

Burke Museum (University of Washington)
3 & under are always free.
Free every first Thursday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Do you dig fossils? The new Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is housed within a 113,000 sq. ft. building which is 66 percent larger than its old facility and with it comes a lot of new changes and additions. First of all, you'll see scientist at work---they're actually on display! Little white boards posted at the large windows will tell you what they are up to and in same cases, you'll be invited inside. New family spaces have been designed allowing your little guys and gals to climb, crawl, look, touch and ultimately learn as they explore. Here, kids can also climb on an orca whale, investigate a large log, explore a tide pool, board a Northwest Indian canoe, check out a research tent and dress up like animals and see how well they blend in at the "camouflage corner." The new museum also has a new dining venue called Off the Rez, an offshoot of the local food truck (which was ranked as one of the top 25 food trucks in America by Food Network, thank you very much) featuring handmade frybread, Indian tacos, wild rice bowls, salads and espresso beverages.

Throughout the year, the Burke hosts a number of programs and special events to inspire kids and families with unique, hands-on learning experiences that highlight the rich cultural and natural heritage of Washington state. Be sure to keep an eye on their events calendar for upcoming events, including Archaeology Day, Dino Days, Fossil Fridays, Bug Blast, Artifact ID Day and more.

The Museum of History and Industry - MOHAI (South Lake Union)
14 & under are always free with a paying adult maximum 5 youth admitted per adult.
Free every first Thursday of the month from 10 a.m- 8 p.m.

Every first Thursday, MOHAI has a theme, be it related to one of their current exhibits or to an independent, Northwest-related theme. Activities, events, demonstrations and more will all revolve around the theme and are always family-friendly. Or grab an Exploration Pack (designed for ages 3-7) filled with activities, puzzles, books and more or an Innovation Pack (designed for ages 7-10) filled with gear to help kids use creative thinking as they explore the museum. Both are free with adult museum admission, so this means they’re totally free for kids! Check out all of MOHAI’s family-friendly events here.

Klondike Gold Rush Museum (Pioneer Square)
Always free for everyone.
Open daily from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. During the summer, from mid-June through Labor Day, the Visitor Center opens one hour earlier, at 9 a.m.

If you have a family of history buffs, you don’t want to miss this little nugget (see what we did there?) of a museum located in Pioneer Square and close to the International District and its plethora of restaurants. Not too crowded, with Park Rangers ready to answer your questions---this is a fun little museum run by the National Parks (who knew?) right in our backyard.

1. Mohonk Mountain House (Catskills)

If you’ve been dreaming of staying in a lakeside Victorian castle, it’s time to make that dream a reality! An award-winning National Historic Landmark Resort, the Mohonk Mountain House is a year-round all-inclusive resort in the Hudson Valley with no shortage of activities—hike 85 miles of scenic trails, go mountain biking, play a round of golf or tennis, explore the grounds on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage, indulge in a spa treatment and enjoy exquisite cuisine prepared by top chefs. A kids’ club and teenਊnd junior naturalist programs also offer a host of fun activities for young visitors. 

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