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Recipe for cooking boiled papanas with caramel sauce at gaby_d :)

Recipe for cooking boiled papanas with caramel sauce at gaby_d :)

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Papanas preparation recipe

The cheese is mixed with semolina and sugar to taste (I put 125 grams of sugar).

Add eggs, one at a time, stirring after each.

Add the vanilla sugar and leave the composition aside, while we take care of the caramel sauce. Gabyta's own invention :).

Caramelize 250 gr. Old.

When it acquires a beautiful, golden-yellow color, turn off the heat and add the 2 tablespoons of butter. Stir until completely melted continuously.

Then add two tablespoons of sour cream and three tablespoons of whipped cream.

Stir gently.

We go back to the papanasi and take care of them.

In a large pot, boil the water. When it boils, turn the heat to low and with a wet hand take the papanasi composition, form balls the right size and put them in the water.

Bring to the boil over medium heat.

Papanas are boiled when they rise to the surface.

Remove with a spatula, drain the water and put directly on a plate with breadcrumbs. Gabyta made breadcrumbs from biscuits, a great idea.

Lightly roll in breadcrumbs and place on a plate and garnish with caramel sauce.

Good appetite:)

Sauce Napolitan boiled in Slow cooker 7.5L Digital Crock-Pot

I could talk to you and describe the Slow Cooker 7.5L Digital Crock-Pot in detail, but some technical details would not help you much, as my personal experience would help you.

First of all, I notice that Crock Pot pays more attention to the appearance with each new device. The newer, the more beautiful!

This is no exception. It looks so chic in the kitchen and at the same time so robust and durable!

For a long time Slow Cooker 4.7L Digital Crock-Pot was among my favorites, thanks to the ceramic pot that gives the food a UNIQUE taste, but this surpassed it, adapting much better to the needs of the family, having a much larger volume, giving you the possibility to cook a lot and a little.

What did I prepare in it? Sos Napolitan. A sauce that has become my favorite preserve for the winter.

Pasta, steaks, stews, meatballs with sauce, shakshuka, ostropel etc etc It's a basic sauce that gives you inexhaustible inspiration!

Being fasting, yesterday I even put it over some boiled potatoes. Do you know what good it was?

I first made a portion in the slow cooker, then one on the stove. Unfortunately, the result is different. Also good and the one prepared on the stove, but better the one in the appliance :).

The appliance keeps the temperature constant, and in addition it has the walls of the vessel heated evenly, so it could not be identical.

The biggest advantage? It doesn't smoke, it doesn't catch, you don't have to take care of it.

Ingredient Sos Napolitan

  • 4 kg tomatoes
  • 1.2 kg orange bell pepper
  • 1.2 kg gogosar
  • 600 g red onion
  • or celery root
  • 350 ml oil
  • 2 tablespoons large salt
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 3-4 bay leaves
  • a teaspoon of dried thyme
  • a teaspoon of peppercorns
  • 5 cloves garlic

Preparation Neapolitan Sauce

Start cooking with the peppers and donuts that you bake, clean them, peel the seeds and the stalk and let them drain.

Wash the tomatoes well, cut them into 4/6 pieces and pass them through the peeling machine and the seeds.

Peel and finely chop the onion.

Heat oil in a large saucepan, add onion and stir gently until soft (10 minutes)

Then put the peppers and donuts passed through the car, mix and cook for another 5 minutes.

Prepare the Slow Cooker 7.5L Digital Crock Pot by connecting it to the power supply.

In the bowl of the appliance pour the mixture, put the tomato juice and pulp, grated celery, then the other spices, salt and sugar and put the lid on the bowl.

Set the High function in the device menu for 7 hours, then let the device do its job and do what you want during this time.

  • I lifted the lid twice in the 7 hours and mixed it with a wooden spoon. I don't think it's necessary, but that's what I did.

At the end everything is homogeneous, tasty, check if according to your taste you still need salt or sugar.

Personally, I chose two options for the consistency of the sauce. I put some of it in clean, sterilized jars, and in the rest I put the blender vertically. One part of the sauce is with the pieces of vegetables, the other is fine, homogeneous.

Cover the jars with a thick blanket and keep them like this until completely cooled.

Raw vegetable zacusca

These days I cooked some zacuşti, and today I post the one I liked the most. It's the first time I make this zacusca and I want to say that it turned out exactly as good as the sandwich I tasted when I asked for a recipe from a colleague several years ago.

This zacusca can be cooked in winter, successfully replacing a vegetable stew. You can add rice, olives, meat, potatoes, or anything else you want and it comes out an excellent dish.

So a portion has the following amounts (I made a portion and a half): 0.5 l oil, 1 kg, onion, 3 kg donuts, 1 kg pepper, 1 kg carrot, 400 g broth (tomato paste), 3-4 bay leaves, salt, pepper.

The vegetables are washed, cleaned of peels, stalks and seeds, after which they proceed as follows: onions are cut into fish, the carrot is grated on a small grater and the donuts and peppers are passed through the meat grinder.

Put the oil, onion and a cup of water in a bowl on the right heat, possibly a bowl with a lid (I didn't have it) until the onion is well softened. Then add the other vegetables and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.

After an hour, or an hour and a half of boiling (depending on how low you like the zacusca - but when it starts to stick to the bottom of the pot, it means it is cooked anyway) add the broth or tomato paste, about 3 teaspoons of salt and let it boil for a few more minutes, another 5-10 minutes.

Now mix more often, because the broth can catch the bottom of the pot faster.
After turning off the heat from the stove, break the bay leaves into pieces, add a teaspoon of grated pepper and mix the zacusca well. Immediately put in well-washed and perfectly dried jars, staple and place between the blankets, so hot.

They are left wrapped for about 24 hours, after which, even if they are still warm, they go to the pantry or the storage room.
If you do not like this method of sterilization, you can boil them in a bain marie, or you can put them in the oven. Any method of sterilization is good as long as the preserve lasts over time and does not mold.

Dea's Cakes

Easter Egss are one of our taradition for Easter. like the story said that Red Eggs are the blood of Jesus.

I have a big sachet of 5 colors from Dr. Otker.
For each color:
250 ml boiled water
2-3 tablespoons vinegar
sachet of powder color

Wash and boil the eggs 7-10 min. Remove and put on them washed leaves then put the piece of tights and ties.
Preparation of paint: boiling water with vinegar. Place eggs in the paint and leave for 3-5 minutes. depending on the desired shade.
Remove the eggs from paint on the towel, cut the tights, get off the leaves and grease with bacon.


250 ml of boiling water
4-5 tablespoons of vinegar
an envelope of red liquid paint

Wash the eggs and cook for 3, 5, 7 minutes depending on how strong you want.
Remove and put the washed leaves on them and then put them in the sock and tie.
Paint preparation: boiling water, vinegar. Put eggs in the paint and leave for 3-5 minutes. depending on the desired shade.
Remove on a towel, cut the sock, remove the leaves and grease with bacon.

Papanasi with sour cream and jam

Although I declare myself a lifelong fan of Moldovan papanas (in which the taste of cheese is so strong!) No portion of papanasi with sour cream and jam / jam (dobrogeni) I never refuse, neither I nor mine.

They are very fluffy, with a great texture, fragrant and really appetizing! We hardly resisted to take pictures :))

Ingredients for 3 servings & # 8211 2 per person :))

  • 350 g fresh cottage cheese
  • 100 g sugar
  • 180 g flour
  • a spoonful of gray wheat tip
  • 1/3 teaspoon baking soda & # 8211 can be replaced with 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 4 tablespoons lemon juice
  • a teaspoon of grated lemon peel
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • a knife tip salt
  • jam / jam according to preferences & # 8211 I used apricot jam
  • caramel sauce / topping
  • sour cream
  • oil

Preparation Papanasi with sour cream and jam / jam

Extremely simple and fast, papanasis are prepared as follows:

Put in a bowl the cheese, eggs, sugar, lemon juice, grated peel, semolina, vanilla sugar and baking soda.

Then add the flour and knead everything by hand. Add excess flour only if the dough requires it, but I do not recommend it, it is perfect as far as the recipe mentions.

On the floured worktop, divide the dough into 6 equal parts, of approximately 120-125 g each.

Take from each piece the dough like a walnut and shape it round.

The remaining pieces are rounded into large balls, which flatten. Blow your hands and you will work very easily!

Insert your finger in the middle of each papanas, then rotate it to slightly enlarge the hole obtained.

Heat a lot of oil in a large saucepan / pan.

When the oil has heated up, turn the heat to medium and add the papanas and balls.

Fry them for about 5 minutes on one side, then turn and fry for another 3-4 minutes.

Take out in a large strainer and leave for 2 minutes, then assemble them for serving.

Put a little caramel topping on the plate (it is optional) place the papanas, put a tablespoon or two of sour cream, one of jam / jam, then the remaining papanas ball and add a little more jam and sour cream.

Papanasi muntenesti or papanasi boiled

Papanas are of two types: Moldavian, meaning fried in an oil bath and Wallachian papanasi, meaning boiled in water with a little salt.

It is the most famous traditional dessert, it is prepared from sweet cow's cheese, ie fresh, eggs, sugar, semolina, breadcrumbs and flour and is generally served with jam and sour cream.

The composition of boiled papanas differs very little from that of fried ones in that the boiled ones do not add loosens or ingredients for growing the dough and are prepared with cheese, semolina and flour, while the fried ones can also add breadcrumbs and ingredients. dough rise.

The recipes, in general, are adapted according to the type of ingredients used, according to the housewife's experience and, of course, according to everyone's taste, but they always start from a basic recipe, from the original one. That is why we find a multitude of somewhat different recipes, both in specialized books and on the net.
For example, I like fried papanas, with breadcrumbs in the composition and a mixture of cheeses.
I ate the best papanasi on the Olt Valley, at the restaurant inside a gas station, after a long journey to the Lotrisor waterfall.
They were big, slightly fluffy, very fragrant and with a lot of cream and jam, you were licking your fingers, how good they were!
The basic recipe, Romanian, is that of papanasi fried in oil, later the boiled ones appeared, out of the desire to try a lighter version, the inspiration being from the potato dumplings, at least that's what I read in a magazine specialty.

  • It took:
  • 600 gr fresh cow's cheese
  • 4 medium eggs
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 100 gr gray
  • 50 gr flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • For boiling:
  • 1 l apa
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • For powdering:
  • 50 gr butter
  • 100 gr pesmet
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • To be served:
  • sour cream
  • Sweety

[/ ingredients]
Servings: 4 (3 papanasi / serving)

Total cooking time: 60 minutes
[preparation title = & # 8221Preparation & # 8221]

Dough preparation for Wallachian papanasi

Preparation of mountain papanasi

With a spatula, remove the boiled papanas and roll them in the fried breadcrumbs.

We transfer them on a plate and serve them with jam and sour cream.

Jam and sour cream are optional for boiled papanas, they can be served only powdered with breadcrumbs and sugar.
If the cheese used is too juicy, it will drain well before starting the papanas preparation process.

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